Halloween is my favorite holiday because of the many fantasy aspects that surround it, the fun events that can be carried out, and the joy on children's faces as they trick or treat. Halloween offers a day of escape, fantasy and elation. Even as an adult, I love the idea of dressing up and becoming someone else, if just for one night. The idea of fantasy, where anything goes, is what sparks my interest,. Being able to create a character that is not only believeable, but one that I embody, brings me a sense of accomplishment, as I go through the process. I also have great memories from my childhood, of my mother helping me to decide which character I was to be. I now take that one step further, and look for characters that I know I can fit into. Whether I buy my costume, or come up with it on my own, does not really matter, it is the character and how you embody it, on that night, that becomes special.
Once you are all dressed up, it is where you go, that really gets fun. Whether it is a party, haunted house, or out sightseeing the coolest decorated houses on the block, there is fun to be had, while in costume. Some take their decorating to a new level, making it realistic and scary, presenting the viewing public with awe inspiring creativity. In itself, it is an event, something to remember. Haunted houses abound, trying to out do one another in scaring the viewers better than the last one. With the advent of special effects, they get extremely realistic in their approach, and for someone who likes a thrill, this is the best thing out there. And then there are the parties, and costume contests, that make working on your costume really hard, something to remember.
Depending on where a party is held, often times, there will be costume contests, and winning one gives you bragging rights for the year. Even if there is no prize offered, just to be able to say that you were the most creative, is a prize in itself. Then there is the food and drinks, that for some inventive people, are both spooky and fun to eat. Seeing how creative a host can be, while offering a myriad of eerie looking foods, is a lot of fun. I also love the decorations that some party host (esses) are able to come up with. Looking around to see a normal home, turned upside down with spider webs, witches hats, skeletons in unexpected places, makes walking around the party, that much more fun. You never know when someone is going to jump out at you, and make you drop your drink or your plate, because you were not expecting it.
However, the most fun that I have, is in watching the faces of the children I know, as they trick or treat. Seeing the excitement, as each door is opened, and a person brings out a treat of candy for them, is so much fun. Watching a child get dressed up to head out, as they realize that they are going to get candy and see some really cool homes, can bring the simplest of joys. This holiday, really, is for them. Having them switch their mind three, four and five times, on what costume they want to wear; hearing them talk about all the candy they are going to get, and how cool that house on the block was last year, what they think they might see this year, brings a lightness to the heart. Knowing that the exhaustion at the end of the night, was in creating a special memory for them, makes it all worth it.
It is for these reasons, that I find Halloween is my favorite holiday. There is so much to be said for a day that can bring fantasy to life, offer fun and companionship through events, and bring children a happiness for something so simple, candy, that makes it fun and exhilerating. Halloween, will always be my favorite holiday, for the joy it brings.