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I'm writing a also my resume for a Master degree, like I said before I would really like you to help me to know if this is right.

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Lina Marcela Tabares Herrera

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Cali, Colombia, 0000 Cell Phone: (-----)
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Electronic Engineer, young, dynamic, eager to make a future. High-capacity to relate with other people. Experience in leading teams. Ability to deal with challenging situations and overcoming them. Ability to grasp new ideas and put them into action. Able to coordinate several activities simultaneously. Oriented to the implementation of techniques that improve outcomes. Also have solid foundation in electronics such as circuits, signal conditioning, automation and telecommunications. Availability to travel. Language skills, English and Spanish.


2000-2005 High school diploma, with emphasis on Business
Administration, 2005
Cali, Valle
Instituto Educativo Técnico de Comercia Santa Cecilia

2005-2010 B.S. Electronic Engineering
Universidad Autónoma de Occidente
Cali, Valle
Cumulative GPA: 4.3 out of 5.0
Relevant Courses: Embedded systems, wireless
communications, Programmable Logic Controller, Network

The National Service Learning (SENA)
Completed training and passed the course with a duration of
40 hours

• Intel 8051
Coupled Tank Level Controller with micro-controller ATMEL 8051, developed in assembler language. It was use a Serial RS-232 interface to communicate with a pc where the control commands were introduced.

• Programmable Logic Controller
Stuffers Machine Controller. PLC programming to automate a filling machine, using the ladder programming language.

Design and development of electrocardiograph with VHDL language, and electronic circuit for the acquisition of cardiac signals with electrodes. The digital signal was passed to the FPGA who according to the programming showed a the graphic signal and made a diagnosis of the same.

• IT (Information technology)
Implementation of an Access Grid Network for videoconference, and documents sharing, in multicast mode.

• Embedded Systems
Design and development of Electronic Seal, with RS-232 communication for the authentication of the user. If the password and ID of the product introduced was correct, the electronic seal opened, if not, it would remained closed.


• Tutor family of microcontrollers MSC-51. Cali, Valle. August-December 2009. At the Autonoma de Occidente University Guide the students in the resolutions of problems.

• Internship, ACS Group. Cali, Valle. December 2009- June 2010.
Developer of technology applications for electronic devices with object oriented programming. Monitoring system through GSM network, to control the position of vehicles and implementing several actions on them, using SMS messages. Manage of databases with MySQL. Web application with MVC model, JSP, Struts and hibernate. Desk application developed with Java language to communicate a PC with a GSM modem.

• Basep LTDA. Cali, Valle. July 2010- Present. Electronic engineer in the technical department. Responsible to provide technical service for electronic devices with metrological measurements. Instrumentation of signals. Design Automation of industrial systems with PLC and microcontrollers.


• Board member of the student committee, Autonoma de Occidente University

• Four times Awarded Academic Student with full or half scholarship, Autonoma de Occidente University. 2008, 2009

• Attendant at ANDICOM 2009 (Telecommunications Congress). Cartagena, Colombia. October 2009

• Attendant at Seminar on Trends in Network and Next Generation Service, UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE OCCIDENTE. November 2009.

• President of the student body at the Autonoma de Occidente University. 2009, 2010.


• Fluent in spoken and written Spanish and English.
• Manage of design and simulating software as: Quartus, Matlab, Proteus,
Keil uVision, Visual Basic
• Programming:
Apache Tomcat, Jboss, Glassfish: High
Assembler: High
CSS: High
Hibernate: Medium
Java: High
HTML: High
PHP: High
My SQL: High
VHDL: High
C, C++, C#: High