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    hallo, i have one question about the meaning of one phrase, i looked for the defenition everywhere and havent found anything so far. maybe you will help my with that. so tell me please what does mean the phrase "I've got you under my skin"? you know for example in Madonna's song "love frofusion". well thankee.

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    I know that Avril's latest album named "Under My skin".
    In chinese it have been transported to "酷到骨子里".It means a person's quality is so cool .
    I don't know whether it is right or right.

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    Re: Under my skin

    I think the meaning is that you've got attached to something to a great extent, the case when you can't get something out of your head, can't forget about etc. If something or somebody impresses one very much, I suppose, one can say that he or she has got it/smb. under one's skin - probably this is what is meant in Madonna's song ;)

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