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    Post Word formations, check them out & help :)

    Here are some sentences that i am not quite sure about.. please check them out:
    The __ of chemicals has destroyed marine life along the
    coastline. DISPOSE (is it disposal?)

    The __ of the wood depends on its type. DURABLE (duration or durability?)

    Drinking a glass of wine before going to bed was his __
    habit. VARY (umm, invariable?)

    This is an extremely __ task and unlikely to be fulfilled. LABOUR (???)

    I..locked myself out of the house. ERR

    She took a long pull on her cigarette,...................... and coughed loudly. EXHALE

    The opposition party was accused of being.........and delaying the decision-making protest. OBTRUCT (is it obstructive?

    The DISPOSAL? of chemicals has destroyed marine life.

    The..of the wood depends on its type. DRUABLE (is it duration or durability?)

    Taking care of small children is a job that requires __ energy. BOUND (boundless?)

    He criticized the government __. EXPLICIT

    Police are __ a major murder inquiry. LAUNCH(ing?)

    Do you think it is __ to tip the waiters? CUSTOM

    Pete Rose was barred __ from baseball in 1989 for gambling. DEFINITE (indefinitely?)

    Swimming helps to increase your strength and __. ENDURE (endurance?)

    I like her novels - she's so __ about people's relationships. PERCEIVE

    Yellow is the _______________ colour in most of Van Gogh’s paintings. PREDOMINATE (-ing or -ive?)

    The __ process and decoration took 5 months. RENOVATE

    She felt __ at not being promoted. RESENT (-ment or -ful?)

    US farmers are having trouble coping with the reductions in agricultural

    Attendance at the meeting is __. COMPEL

    If you're planning on going sightseeing around the old city, a guide is
    __. DISPENSE

    When was the cat first __? DOMESTIC (domesticated?)

    Skin cancer is often caused by too much __ to the sun. EXPOSE (exposure or exposal?)

    Many people are forced to move from one city to another in search of better jobs or
    career __. ADVANCE (advantages?)

    Prozac is a __drug used to treat depression. DISPUTE

    Electronic shopping is a __for most people. NOVEL

    Suicide attacks are a __theme in Al-Qaida group discussions. RECUR(ing?)

    Any __ disease is frightening, especially when it is infectious. CURE

    The pelican's strong legs and webbed feet allow it __ it in
    water. PROPEL

    She was __ by a noise at two in the morning. WAKE (woken or awoken?)

    Every year we __ make a trip to see my parents. FAITH

    The damage to my car was not __ but I was still annoyed. INTEND

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    Re: Word formations, check them out & help :)

    This looks very much like a homework assignment to me.

    Please don't ask us to do or correct your homework; this is a place to discuss language.

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