I'm writing a paragraph about the cause and effect of breaking up a relationship. I hope you will pay attention to my writing and help me correct the mistakes. Thanks a bunch :)

It is said that love is the most powerful, magical force in the universe, and there is nowhere it displays its beauty and wonder more than in the intimate relationship between two people. However, life will never be all roses all the time and breaking up seems fairly common in a relationship. You may wonder why your pleasant dream turned into a nightmare and these are some leading causes.
Firstly, you can not stop thinking about your ex as well as the sweet memories although you are in love with another guy and the new mate makes you satisfied due to the tender care. Consequently, you will hurt your new mate because no one prefers sharing his love with another guy in spite of whatever. Secondly, if you feel more sad than happy when you are with your partner in view of his odd appearance or the different viewpoints then sooner or later you will deliberately break up. Finally, if your love is one-directioned, it is imposible to remain love affair. On acount of the fact that love must base on the mutual benefit, you can not give only and your mate would like to just give. Gradually, both of you will be bored and disappointed resulting from you deficiency in affection

I haven't written the conclusion, so I will finish after giving all your comments. Thank you for spending time reading my paragraph :x