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    Red face time sensitive material! (quickyl now)

    ok so I JUST started my course and I'm a little stuck. my outline for my project is due tomorrow, so I'm hoping for quick responses. no I'm not being lazy and waiting for the last minute, it was only assigned tomorrow.

    so we are supossed to do a class warm up and teach the class 5-8 words... in a DIFFERENT language! (and I dont speak one) so thats no big deal, but I need an easy one that I dont need to learn LOTS of new words... I hope you guys understand what I'm asking. I'm not allowed to simply introduce myself or get students to do the same, it's 'over done.' so thank you to ALL. :D

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    Re: time sensitive material! (quickyl now)

    Welcome, Isadora.

    Have you tried looking online under dictionaries that provide audio files?
    If you're interested, here's an English-Thai online dictionary with audio: (sign up is required).

    I'd like to help more, but I don't know how. That is, I could give you Japanese, which is my third language, but how would you know how to pronounce the words? That's a problem.

    Ooh, here's an idea: what about Sign Language? Here's a very cool site:

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    Re: time sensitive material! (quickyl now)

    thanks man, but I figured it out myself, no one was responding... I did 'elvish' and like made up some words I couldt fine, we were allowed to do that, but thank you very muhc. but I have some questions about JApan... I qwanna go there but I'm not too sure about the climate... I hear its super humid (like I wont be able to starighten my hair and KEEP it that way) and SUPER hot in the summer and FREEZING colod in the mwinter? anyone been there?

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