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    sign a `prene up`

    I was watching an episode of Seinfeld and came across to this expression I wasn't very familiar with. I don't even know if I heard it correctly. I think somewhere along the line George said `I've been putting a lot of thought about it and... I think I'd like you to sign a prene up`

    `Prene up` is how I heard, but it's probably not right because I tried searching for the term to no avail. If this rings a bell please let me know.

    Oh and at this very moment Susan, George's fiancee, died. (Died from toxic glues from wedding invitations? how many envelops do you have to seal to get fatal amount, I wonder?) The doctor said she's `expired`. I thought this was very weird. Maybe I heard wrong. Let me know if you know anything.

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    Re: sign a `prene up`

    prenup stands for, prenuptial agreement. The suffix is pronounced various ways: -chl, -shl, -chal, -chil, etc. That's probably why it's shortened to prenup.

    expired means, past the due date. It usually describes objects, things, not people.

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