Task: Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main
features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The table illustrates information about the underground railway
systems. It divided into 6 countries compared in 3 criteria.
First of all is data when underground was opened in the city. London
is first where underground railway system was open, next follows Paris
and Tokyo in 1900 and 1927 respectively. In duration of almost 30
years underground was opened in Washington DC in 1976, Kyoto in 1981
and latest Los Angeles in 2001.
Next criteria is kilometers in route. The longest underground railway
system in London with 394 kilometers, nevertheless in Kyoto it is the
shortest: just 11 kilometers. Paris’s underground is almost 200
kilometers. Tokyo’s and Washington DC’s have more then 100 and in Los
Angeles only 28 kilometers of route.
Last criteria is passengers per in year. Despite of average lengths of
Tokyo’s underground, here the largest number of passengers with amount
of 1927 millions per year who use that transport. Next follow Paris
with 1191 millions per year and London with 775 millions. Washington
DC’s underground transport more passengers then Kyoto and Los Angeles
In conclusion, the date of opens underground influence on lengths of
railway systems and number of passengers per year.

Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much
more influence on our personality and development than any experiences
we may have in our life.
Which do you consider to be the major influence?

The character of people forms since birthday till their death. There
can be different influences can affect on future character of the
Firstly, when the human born he lives with his family, while baby
little, only family influence on his future character, everything what
make baby crying breaking his character. After, babe begin go to
school or kindergarten influence can be occurred by classmates,
friends, teachers. For instance, bad friends can eventually change
character of the good pupils. On other hand good friends makes human
more friendly, influence on study for the better side.
Secondly, large influence can be occurred due the local mentality. It
doesn’t matter what character was established on born, anyway
mentality of people around will affect on humans character. For
example, human will always try to be within character of most people,
who live around him, with a goal not be mentioned and convicted.
Another one serious reason, which can influence on humans character is
another one who she or he love. As known, many things was made due of
strong passion to be with his lover, such as earning money, overcome
long distance, change character to be more appropriate for him or her,
to be more friendly, gentle, good and etc.
Overall, in my opinion major influence on our character is – our life.