The only one way to reduce the amount of traffic in cities today is by
reducing the need for people to travel from home to work, education or
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Cities traffic brings many problems both men and local governments.
That fact is car using now is eventual facility for people mobility.
It makes easer getting to the job, school, markets and etc.
Unfortunately, when cars become many in the cities it occurs many
problems, such as traffic jams, many road accidents, air pollution.
Nevertheless, there are few ways to reduce the amount of traffic
without restricting people’s freedom.
First of all, cities’ governments should make social transport more
attractive and preferable for citizens than using a car. Whereas
people buy cars with goal to be more independent of buses, trams or
subways, due their low quality comport and low speed, meanwhile you
can sit in your car any time and get target place in comport and very
fast. Therefore social transport needs to be improved.
Second way to reduce traffic is bicycle. Many people all around the
world uses that facility to travel for instance from home to work, to
market and so on. Such approach of moving is very useful for health,
keep money for transport and mainly reduce traffic.
Another way to reduce traffic is rising the taxes for air pollutions
of cars. Albeit such changes can be met aggressively by citizens and
human rights organization and on other hand it can be supported by
ecological movements. Moreover such approach leads to make air
cleaner, ecology better and perhaps enforce people to use social
transports or bicycles.
So, in conclusion, I think described ways of reducing traffic has many
benefits such as reducing air pollution, rising income for governments
of using social transport, do not restrict people in their movements
and improve health.