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    Hi teachers,

    Will you tell me what "guitar-octane" means?
    I know the meaning of "octane" and "high-octane", but this is my first time to see the word is used like this...

    Billboard Reviews "Just Want You To Know"

    Who would have expected the Backstreet Boys to score a full-blown comeback with "Incomplete"ónot just a polite return, but a second swipe at world domination. And with a ballad, at that. "Just Want You to Know," the second single from the wholly satisfying platinum set "Never Gone," only tops the sundae with a cherry. It is an uptempo song in much the same vein as Kelly Clarkson's pop/rock anthem "Since U Been Gone," with flypaper hooks from enduring musical maestro Max Martin. This guitar-octane perspirer proves that BSB has plenty of ammunition left in its arsenal. In a word: hit. In two words: global smash. ...

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    Re: guitar-octane

    This writer has somehow drawn a comparison between octane and high power. He was trying to think of a clever way to say "powerful guitar sounds." He failed.

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    Re: guitar-octane

    Thank you very much!


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