Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should encourage their students to question everything.

Essay:There have appeared endless debates on studentsí role in their class. Some people proposed that teachers should encourage their students to put questions about everything. Personally, I absolutely agree with that proposal. This piece of writing will demonstrate my idea.
First and foremost, what I put my priority is the knowledge enhancement. It is apparent that questioning is one of the best ways to inculcate the lesson in studentsí mind. By going inside the knowledge and finding something seems strange for them, students are likely to comprehend their lessons effectively, which is clarified by teacher. More notably, when students put their questions, they are bound to expand the lessonsí realm. Teachers have more opportunities to widen their topic and share their understanding to students. Needless to say, questioning everything helps students gain useful knowledge rather than listening passively the lectures.
Second, the interesting lessons hold no less important in study efficiency. The more questions students ask, the more enthusiasm teachers gain. Instead of talking about fixed topics, teachers can reply the questions through mentioning new facts and details. By means of it, it is likely to make teachers more absorbing and energetic in giving their lecture. More importantly, questing creates a golden chance for students to express their ideas, which leads to build their personal enjoyment. They feel satisfied whenever go to schools because their opinions are always respected. Without doubts, it is wise to encourage students to put their questions in order to reach active lessons.
Last but not least, increased independence is noteworthy. When students question frequently, they learn how to recognize and express their individual problem. Hence, they are equipped with the independent thinking skills naturally to face actively the dilemmas in the future. Furthermore, students know how to come up with their own solution first in preference to considering their teacherís explanation. That means students are building their look about life positively and independently.
In brief, teachers should promote their students to question everything because of not only the knowledge enhancement, the more interesting lessons but also the increased independence as well. I recommend that teacher should consider my explanation to approach proper teaching methodology with their students.