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    Exclamation May god bless you

    Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Countries should not isolate themselves from the world, but instead engage other countries.

    There has been endless controversy over international relation. Some people propose that countries should be engaged with other, not isolate. Personally, I definitely agree with that proposal.
    To begin with, what I put my priority on is technology exchange. It is obvious that technology develops quickly in each country, but not all of them can reach high one. Being engaged with other countries, underdeveloped nation have more chances to access to effective productive ways, which is valuable to bridge the gap between countries each other. More importantly, developing international relation creates golden chances to expand global research project by interchanging knowledge and skills. Let me take medicine research process for example. Doctors around the world can cooperate to seek the best therapy for a disease and introduce their success to all the hospital over the globe. Without doubt, it is better to be open in any global relationship to exchange technology.

    Second, relionship enhancement between other countries is the best way to take advantage of domestic products. Let’s assume that you are the import and export manager. If you don’t allow the foreign merchandises be brought in your country and prevent the domestic goods from exporting, what happens to your nation? The country’s market has no promotion and only circulates among small communities. On the contrary, open door to the outside world makes domestic goods more and more qualified to compare with foreign ones. More notably, export national commodities to other country are certain to bring considerable profits, which can used to upgrade and diversify domestic products. Needless to say, the more international trade one country engage in, the more opportunity it has to boost its goods.

    Lastly, world peace holds no less important in connecting all country around the world. When one country is engaged with others, it is likely to understand that it is giving a hand to build the friendly global environment and ready for helping the others as well as receiving supports from them. In other word, world peace is brought about more cooperatively if there is no hindrance between all nations.

    In conclusion, I think countries should engage, not isolate because of not only technology exchange, effective ways to develop domestic products but also world peace for people in each nation. I recommend that people should take my explanation into account to approach the proper behavior about international relationships.

    There are no one can help me? Why not you?
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    Re: May god bless you

    No one can help me. Please, the more views this thread has, the more dispointment I am aware of. Hopefully, maybe thing changes...

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