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    Talking Students should be in control of their own education?

    Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students, not teachers or administrators should be in control of their own education.

    Essay: There has been endless discussion over the education programme. Some people suppose that students, not teachers or administrators, should be in control of their own education. Personally, I certainly disagree with that proposal.

    First and foremost, what I put my priority on is the students’ immaturity and inexperience. It is apparent that many students are too young to differentiate the right and wrong. For example, elementary school students are unable to perceive why they have to learn human history in stead of play their video games. By means of it, teachers should direct them to create their interest in education and positive behavior. More notably, not only primary students but also high school ones may not find all their mandatory assignments satisfactory and absorbing. They need to develop an orientation towards the basic lessons and skills for example physical education or critical reading, which they eventually realize its importance in the future. Without doubt, students’ controlled education lay them a comprehensive foundation rather than free one.

    Second, teaching experience hold no less importance in developing students’ abilities. It is well noted that teachers and administrators have learned theories of education before working at school; therefore, they know best how to train students effectively. They are bound to both encourage and penalize their students appropriately in particular cases. For example, what happens if students feel disappointed when stucking in a hard question without teachers’ stimulus? It is easier for them to overcome themselves with a person who is professional at not only knowledge but also teaching methodology. More importantly, experienced teachers are certain to know what their students should learn after many years working in the area. Let me take my math teacher for example. He direct me pay more attention in geometry of space because my study after graduating secondary school will get involved in it a lot. Indeed, teachers and administrators’ experience play an essential part in providing students the best education.

    Lastly, parents’ pressure is noteworthy as well. If students are free from choosing their own education, it will place the educational burden on their parents. They have to guide their children which subjects they should study without any professions about education. Moreover, parents are probably required to spend more time to check their children’s performance at school, which may be difficult to them in modern societies. Needless to say, that schools should be in charge of students’ education is the best way to deal with parents’ problem.

    In conclusion, students should not be allowed to choose their own education because of not only their immaturity, teachers’ experience but also parent’s pressure. I strongly recommend each student consider my explanation to approach the proper educational programme.

    Please help me. I'm going to study abroad next year's summer at US ,but you know, I haven't prepared enough English in fact.
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