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    I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice. In some of the letters of the book, writers put 'Yours,&c.' at the very end. I wonder what does that mean. Thank you for your help.

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    Re: 'Yours,&c.'

    Is it "I wonder what does it mean?" or "I wonder what it means" ? Many thanks.

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    Re: 'Yours,&c.'

    The ampersand symbol & means and which in Latin is et. Today we use the abbreviation etc. to mean et cetera which in Latin means and so forth. In the past, English writers used the ampersand in place of the et.

    I wonder what it means is a simple declarative sentence.

    I wonder, what does it mean? is a question embedded in a sentence. This type of sentence would be appropriate in narrative, or story-telling type writing.

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    Re: 'Yours,&c.'

    So what does "yours et cetera" mean?

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    Re: 'Yours,&c.'

    Does it mean ' Yours sincerely, truthfully,____,______,...' ?


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