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    Smile CELTA Course Recommended Reading


    A substantial selection of these titles should be available to trainees for reference during the course. This is not a definitive list and centres may wish to add relevant books themselves. In addition to the titles below, a good range of up-to-date course books at all levels should be made available including students’ books, teachers’ books and cassettes.

    Acklam, R - Revised Index of ELT Materials
    Aitken, R - Teaching Tenses (ELB)
    Allan, M - Teaching English with Video (Longman)
    Allsop, J - Students’ English Grammar (Prentice Hall)
    Atkinson, D - Teaching Monolingual Classes (Longman)
    Baker, A - Introducing English Pronunciation (CUP)
    Baker, A - Ship or Sheep (CUP)
    Baker, A - Tree or Three (CUP)
    Bartram, M & Walton, R - Correction (LTP)
    Bolitho, R & Tomlinson, B - Discover English - (Macmillan ELT)
    Bowen, T & Marks, J - Inside Teaching (Macmillan ELT)
    Bowen, T & Marks, J - The Pronunciation Book (Longman)
    Byrne, D - Teaching Oral English - New Edition (Longman)
    Byrne, D - Teaching Writing Skills - New Edition (Longman)
    Cambridge Skills for Fluency Series (CUP)
    Campbell, C & Kryszewska, H - Learner-Based Teaching (OUP)
    Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary - 2nd Edition (Collins)
    Close, R A - A Teacher’s Grammar (LTP)
    Cranmer, D & Laroy, C - Musical Openings.(Longman)
    Crystal, D - Rediscover Grammar (Longman)
    Dainty, P - Phrasal Verbs in Context (Prentice Hall)
    Davis, P & Rinvolucri, M - The Confidence Book (Longman)
    Davis, P & Rinvolucri, M - Dictation (CUP)
    Dean, M - English Grammar Lessons: Upper Intermediate (OUP)
    Dornei & Thurrell - Conversations and Dialogues in Action (Prentice Hall)
    Eastwood - Oxford Guide to English Grammar (OUP)
    Edge, J - Essentials of English Language Teaching (Longman)
    Forsyth & Lavender - Grammar Activities 1: Intermediate (Macmillan ELT)
    Forsyth & Lavender - Grammar Activities 2: Upper (Macmillan ELT)
    Frank, C & Rinvolucri, M - Challenge to Think (OUP)
    Frank, C & Rinvolucri, M - Grammar in Action Again (Prentice Hall)
    Gairns, R & Redman, S - Working with Words (CUP)
    Gerngross, G & Puchta, H - Creative Grammar Practice (Longman)
    Ginsberg, G- ELT Guide (EFL)
    Golebiowska, A - Getting Students to Talk (Phoenix ELT)
    Gower, R & Walters, S - Teaching Practice Handbook-New Ed. (Macmillan ELT)
    Granger, C - Play Games with English 1 (Mac.Heinemann)
    Granger, C - Play Games with English 2 (Mac.Heinemann)
    Granger, C - Play Games with English 3 (Mac.Heinemann)
    Grellet, F - Developing Reading Skills (CUP)
    Griffith, S - Teaching English Abroad (Vacation Work Publications)
    Grundy, P - Beginners (OUP)
    Grundy, P - Newspapers (OUP)
    Hadfield, C & J - Writing Games (Nelson)
    Hadfield, J - Communication Games: Beginners (Longman)
    Hadfield, J - Communication Games: Elementary (Nelson)
    Hadfield, J - Communication Games: Intermediate (Nelson)
    Hadfield, J - Communication Games: Advanced (Nelson)
    Hadfield, J - Classroom Dynamics (OUP)
    Hadfield, J - Reading Games (Nelson)
    Hall, N & Shepheard, J - The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book (Longman)
    Hancock M - Pronunciation Games (CUP)
    Harmer, J - How to Teach English (Longman)
    Harmer, J - Teaching and Learning Grammar (Longman)
    Harmer, J - The Practice of English Language Teaching (Longman)
    Haycraft, J - An Introduction to English Language (Longman)
    Heaton, J B - Classroom Testing (Longman)
    Heaton, J B - Writing English Language Tests. 2nd ed. (Longman)
    Hedge, T - Writing (OUP)
    Hornby, A S - Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary (OUP)
    How to……Series (Longman)
    Hughes, A - Testing for Language Teachers (CUP)
    Hutchinson, T & Waters, A - English for Specific Purposes (CUP)
    Kenworthy, J - Teaching English Pronunciation (Longman)
    Klippel, F - Keep Talking (CUP)
    Lee, W R - Language Teaching Games and Contexts (OUP)
    Leech, G - An A-Z of English Grammar & Usage (Longman)
    Lewis, M - The English Verb (LTP)
    Lewis, M & Hill, J - Practical Techniques for language teaching (LTP)
    Lewis, M & Hill, J - Source Book for T.E.F.L (Macmillan ELT)
    Lindstromberg, S - Recipe Book (Pilgrims Longman Resource Books)
    Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English-4th Edition (Longman)
    Longman Handbooks for Language Teachers Series (Longman)
    Longman Keys to Language Teaching Series (Longman)
    Longman Skills Series (Longman)
    Making Sense of ……Series (Longman)
    Maley, A & Duff, A - Drama Techniques: a resource book (CUP)
    May - Exam Classes (OUP)
    McCarthy, M - Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers (CUP)
    Morgan, J & Rinvolucri, M - Once Upon a Time (CUP)
    Morgan, J & Rinvolucri, M - Vocabulary (OUP)
    Mortimer, C - Elements of Pronunciation (CUP)
    Murphy, R & Naylor - Essential Grammar in Use-New edition (CUP)
    Murphy, R & Hashemi - English Grammar in Use-New Edition (CUP)
    Murphey, T - Music and Song (OUP)
    Nolasco, R & Arthur, L - Conversation (OUP)
    Nuttall, C - Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language (Macmillan ELT)
    O’Connor, J D - Better English Pronunciation (CUP)
    O’Connor, J D - Sounds English (Longman)
    Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers (OUP)
    Penston - Grammar Course for TEFL Certificate (TPP)
    Phillips, S - Young Learners (OUP)
    Porter-Ladousse, G - Role Play (OUP)
    Porter-Ladousse, G - Speaking Personally (CUP)
    Redman & Ellis - Way With Words 1 (CUP)
    Redman & Ellis - Way With Words 2 (CUP)
    Resource Books for Teachers Series (OUP)
    Richards & Rogers - Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (CUP)
    Riddell, D – Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Teach Yourself)
    Rinvolucri, M - Grammar Games (CUP)
    Roach, P - English Phonetics and Phonology (CUP)
    Scrivener J - Learning Teaching (Macmillan ELT)
    Sion, C - Recipes for Tired Teachers (Longman)
    Stempleski, S & Tomalin, B - Video in Action (Longman)
    Stevick, E - Success with Foreign Languages (Pearson Education)
    Swan, M - Basic English Usage (OUP)
    Swan, M - How English Works (OUP)
    Swan, M - Practical English Usage – 3rd Edition (OUP)
    Swan, M & Smith, B - Learner English (OUP)
    Taylor, L - Pronunciation in Action (Prentice Hall)
    Taylor, L - Vocabulary in Action (Longman)
    Teacher Development Series (Mac.Heineman)
    Thomson, A & Martinet, A - A Practical English Grammar (OUP)
    Thornbury, S - About Language (CUP)
    Thornbury, S - How to teach Grammar (Longman)
    Tomalin, B & Stempleski, S - Cultural Awareness (OUP)
    Underhill, A - Sound Foundations (Macmillan ELT)
    Underwood, M - Effective Class Management (Longman)
    Underwood, M - Teaching Listening (Longman)
    Ur, P - A Course in Language Teaching (CUP)
    Ur, P - Discussions that Work (CUP)
    Ur, P - Grammar Practice Activities (CUP)
    Ur, P - Teaching Listening Comprehension (CUP)
    Ur, P & Wright A - Five Minute Activities (CUP)
    Wajnryb, R - Classroom Observation Tasks (CUP)
    Watcyn-Jones, P – Pair work One (Penguin)
    Watcyn-Jones, P – Pair work Two (Penguin)
    Watcyn-Jones, P - Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers (Penguin)
    Watkins, P – Learning to teach English (DELTA Publishing)
    Wessels, C - Drama (OUP)
    White, G - Listening (OUP)
    White, R & Arndt, V - Process Writing (Longman)
    Wingate, J - Getting Beginners to Talk (Prentice Hall)
    Wright, A - 1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy (Collins)
    Wright, A et al - Games for Language Learning (CUP)
    Yule - Explaining English Grammar (OUP)

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    Re: CELTA Course Recommended Reading

    I'm actually doing the CELTA course right now and on my way to a B grade, that list is way too long, I've gotten by with, Learning Teaching, How to teach English and Grammar for English teachers.

    The CELTA course is more about how you teach, now, not about what you know. You could read all those books and still fail.........

    Good list though, just way too long and confusing for people who may be looking for reading for that course.

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    Re: CELTA Course Recommended Reading

    Just to add that the Swan, M & Smith, B - Learner English is a must a well.

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    Re: CELTA Course Recommended Reading

    I love Learner English and these, I keep going back to them:

    Ur, P - Discussions that Work (CUP)
    Klippel, F - Keep Talking (CUP)
    Aitken, R - Teaching Tenses (ELB)
    Swan, M - Practical English Usage – 3rd Edition (OUP)

    and Uncovering Grammar by Scott Thornbury

    I also really like Murphy's Grammar in Use and basically all of the Grammar/Vocabulary/Phrasal Verbs/Collocations in Use books from Cambridge.

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