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Topic: Do you agree that: “it's easier to be a success in the past than it is today”? Why?

Success has always had a crucial relevance to social background. With the society is ever-accelerated, the access that lead to success has increased. Despite the competition is more severe, the possibility of success is still rising. Thus, I agree with the point that it is easier to succeed nowadays than it was in the past. Below I describe some of the striking contrasts I have found.

First of all, the way to success has been extremely expanded with the social development. In the past, only a few people who have a good occupation had been regarded as successful, like doctors or senators. Success, had has been achieved by certain ways. But now, on the contrary, everyone could success if he or she has great ideas. Take Zuckerberg as an example, who is the creator of facebook. His fantastic idea of the facebook made him the youngest zillionaire in the world, and has influenced people’s life. That is certainly a success achieved by unusual way which can only happens in the contemporary world.

Furthermore, the appeal of new skills and equipments is another important factor that lead to success. In this era of rapid technological development, people have more efficient and sophisticated technologies to help them in their works. Architects, for instance, can use computer programs to design buildings. It is more precise and quicker than the past when people had to draw pictures by hands. In the science field, researchers can utilize highly developed facilities to proceed their experiments, while in the past, there were much more errors in the result of experiments. Therefore, people today with better skills and equipments would have more opportunities to succeed than in the past.

Besides, people in nowadays have gain experience from their antecessors progress, and learn from their fault as well. In the case of both Napoleon and Hitler, they won many victories, which led them to believe that anything was possible and that nothing could stand in their way. But Russian icy defenders proved them wrong. From this piece of history can we people nowadays learn that no one could always win and that pride comes before a fall. Hence we can avoid this fall by not being proud and foolish. That’s why people nowadays are more likely to success than in the past, because they can avoid mistakes by learning from their forefathers’ mistakes.

It is undeniable that since the population is booming , the competition between people is becoming more severe than ever. Nevertheless, the opportunities the contemporary society provides overwhelm the competition. Thus I firmly hold the idea that, it is much easier to success nowadays than it was in before.