Hi, I would like if someone check my motivation letter.


This is regards to the BA (Hons) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management which I saw on your website recently and I am proudly applying for this course.
My name is Rouspet Antat and I am 18 years old. I am currently a full-time student at the School of Education, University of Seychelles, where I am following classes for three Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level in Geography, Sociology and English Language. Over the past year or so I have realised that my interest lies in interacting with different people of different culture, learning and appreciating new languages, cuisines, lifestyle etc..., impart the knowledge of my country to foreigners and organising small gathering for friends; which lead me to one of the most exciting field tourism.
As tourism is one of the major pillars for the economy of my country I would love to pursue my interest in that field where I would help not only my country but the world. I believe that your institution will help me realising my dream and to succeed onto my dream career. I am such a determined person, very hardworking, devoted and disciplined student that I would do everything in order to achieve my goals.
Back in my secondary years I was appointed by my peers as a head of prefects which developed in me the communication skills as I was in charge of liaising with teachers and students at the Anse Royale Secondary school. I conducted meetings, preparing minutes and agenda for the meetings and delegating task when appropriate. I am convinced that the post has created in me integrity; where honesty and being firm in my principles, responsibility, and self motivation.
My professional goal is to become an excellent hotel manager, then to be a director of my own tourist establishment. To be accepted to study at IHTTI will be a dramatic milestone in my life. If I have an opportunity to study in the course, I will devote my aspiration and strength to contribute to the success of the program, and also to make my dream come true.
I highly appreciate your taking time to consider my letter and I am awaiting your positive reply.

Yours sincerely,

Rouspet Antat

Please find attached a copy of my CV, application form, certificates and testimonials.