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    somedoby/anybody in affirmative/hypothetical


    I'm unable to understand the general rule to use somebody/anybody in affirmative and hypothetical sentences.

    I have found for hypothetical constructions:

    1) If somebody had called, they would left have left a messagge
    2) If anybody wants to know, tell them to phone this number
    3) If anybody asks you can tell them I'll be back soon.

    So and I don't understand what is correct for this two:

    1)' Who shall I give this one to?' - You can give it to (somebody/anybody). It's doesn't matter
    2)That's a very easy job. (anybody/somebody) can do it.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: somedoby/anybody in affirmative/hypothetical

    It's not really anything to do with hypothetical situations.

    Have a look at these threads, and then come back with ant questions you still have.

    some and any in this case gets me mad!
    I have yet to meet 'anyone' ...

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