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    Post meaning of the idoms

    1. beat the crowds one's steps (...... Ignorance and Want will dog our steps.....)
    3. A little death goes a long way.

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    Re: meaning of the idoms

    beat the crowd: Get something or do something you know many other
    people are going to get or do but do it before them.

    Example: if we go to the game early we can beat the crowd and get a
    good seat.

    dog one's steps: Something or someone which will not go away / leave you alone.

    In the example you gave, ignorance and want are not things we wish to
    have but we cannot gid rid of them.

    a little death goes a long way: I don't know this exact saying but whenever we use the expression "a little . . . goes a long way, we mean we don't need to have much of something to satisfy us or make us happy.

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