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    SVO or SVOO sentence?

    "Television and computer provide quick access to information and entertainment."

    I think that this sentence is SVO
    S = Noun phrase with two lexical nouns
    V = a lexical verb (provide)
    O = Noun phrase with "quick" is the adjective, "access" is the head noun, and "to information and entertainment" is the prepositional phrase.

    But my friend considers this sentence SVOO, he said "quick access" is the direct Object and "information and entertainment" is the indirect Object.
    The structure is: to provide something to something
    However, I think the structure should be: to provide something. In this case, the preposition "to" means "of"

    So who is right? Please explain it to me. Many thanks

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    Re: SVO or SVOO sentence?

    Your friend is wrong. Nothing is provided to the information and entertainment.

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    Re: SVO or SVOO sentence?

    [Television and computer] provide [quick access to information and entertainment].

    to information and entertainment = optional prepositional phrase + postmodifier to "access"

    They provide access. = SVO

    1. They provide [access for people]. -- SVO
    2. They provide that.
    3. They provide them with access. -- SVOA; with access = prepositional object (A); Although "access" is what undergoes the act of provision, it is not an O in the sentence, but an (obligatory) A, which hinges on the verb, "provide".
    4. They provide them -- ungrammatical --> "with access" is an obligatory constituent --> "with access" = A
    5. They give people access (to information and entertainment). = SVOO

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