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    Singular or plural idea?

    Just wondering how to write this one properly:

    "Fame and fortune has its price."


    "Fame and fortune have their price."

    Although fame and fortune technically call for the use of "have their price" due to them being two nouns (ergo plural), "fame and fortune" can also be considered to be a singular entity, i.e. a "thing that HAS its price".

    Would either sentence above be correct in this case, or should one favour one to the other?

    Thanx ...


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    Re: Singular or plural idea?

    We usually use the phrase fame and fortune as a single idea. They take a singular adjective and a singular verb.

    Steak and fried chicken are my favorite dinners.

    Macaroni and cheese is my favorite side dish.

    Rock and roll is here to stay.

    Rap and hip-hop are making me sick.

    If you say "Fame and fortune have their price" you would have to say "prices"

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    Re: Singular or plural idea?

    Thanks for confirming that for me. I knew there had to be other examples of the same singular/plural idea. Who on earth would say Macaroni and cheese are my favourite dish?! Somehow, that would have me visualizing someone eating the cheese and noodles on separate plates (although I guess dish would have to be pluralized there)!

    Oh why did you have to mention that example? You have no idea what it's like being a native Torontonian living in the land of no Kraft Dinner!

    Bon appetit,

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