Topic : many people support the development of agriculture, such as factory farming and creation of new fruits and vegetable. Others oppose to the idea. Present both sides and give your opinion.
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The investment of agriculture has become a wide discussed topic in our society recently. Some people believe that agriculture should be taken as a main energy part of life while others think technologies should be encouraged instead. In this essay, I will elaborate on this controversial phenomenon.
All people know that health and decease always have an important impact on agriculture process. Goverment recently take care so much about the quality of agricultural products such as food and vegetables because people can not live without these. Moreover, business related agriculture reaches to improve the economic in a country. It motivates the labor market and to reduce the unemployment happening in modern life. For example, some poor countries where many farmers are the most living uses more than 75% for developing fields instead of growing advanced technologies.
However, there are some other people who conclude that putting a lot money to agriculture is waste. It is essential to study and to find out many new facilities in order to adapt people's interest. Furthermore, the deficit of national budget in some poor countries where agricultural activities are developing appear clearly. The productivity is inefficient. For instance, some products such as coconuts and annatto seeds have to be grown over ten years before harvesting.
In conclusion, some people are very convenient and happy with support agriculture while others are inconvenient. In my view, I hope that agricultural activities always be one of crucial role to thrive their own countries.