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    Question Help!

    Please tell me how 'be being' and 'be of+noun' are used.
    Please help me with compound noun compound adjective( how i know when 'noun+noun','noun+gerund'or 'noun's noun' is used).For examle,why we use 'a CAR-MAKING company' not 'a MAKING-CAR company'

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    Re: Help!

    noun + noun- this is when the first noun modifies the second, functioning like an adjective, so we say 'shoe shop' because it simply modifes the second noun to tell us the kind of shop.
    noun's noun- the first noun owns the second- the school's pupils.
    noun + gerund- the gerund describes a process- and the first noun modifies the process to tell us which type- the process is 'making', the type is 'car', which, like an adjective goes before the word it modifies.


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