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    Is there a specific SAT test for ESL students?. Besides them who elses can take it? :P

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    Sorry for the delay in answering! I'll ask around and post my responses here.
    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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    • Who else can take it?

    Elses is not a word.


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    Re: Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Daisy
    Is there a specific SAT test for ESL students?. Besides them who else can take it? :P
    It depends on the college or university. If English is not your first language, though, you'll most definitely have to write the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language).

    The people to ask about the SAT for ESL students would be The Olin Center in Boston, USA. Their homepage is

    Click on 'email' and send them your question. They are a well-known test preparation center for foreign students so I am positive they will have the information you need.

    All the best,

    Cas :)

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