I am writing the Celta Pre-interview task to be held at the International House in Bangkok this summer.

I need help with the following two questions.

1) Describe different activities that you imagine language teachers use in the classroom. Say why you think they would be useful for learners. (200-300 words)

- Should it be like a short essay?
- What do they mean by "activities"?
- Should I describe how an activity works, like for example a Bingo game or a particular worksheet, watching a Video or listening to a song and filling the gap?

2) What do you think are the "specific difficulties" of English for the learners? (200- 300 words)

- Should i give only a general idea of the "specifics difficulties" that I think ESL learners may face, or should I explain why, and give example using ESL terminology?

An example of the type of answer they are looking for in Q1 and Q2 will be more appreciated.