Hi! This is my first post here, but I've followed this forum for a long time.

Today, I challenged myself with transcribing part of a YouTube video. Here's the URL:


The challenge was to transcribe everything between 00:45-01:01. I'm not sure I have it right. Here's what I came up with:

"What... what the f——? What? What the—oh! What the hell? No! What? This isn't... what? What's going on? Oh, for God's sake! How? What? Did a—whoa! This isn't... I wanted—I wanted weather."

Please be as criticizing as possible. I'm really trying to learn em-dashes. My biggest problem was understanding when to use an em-dash or an ellipsis. I also wanted to make the last sentence to read, "I wanted— I wanted weather" (with a space after the em-dash). This is easier to read for me, but the rule forbids spaces before or after em-dashes. On the other hand, couldn't this be two separate sentences? The first would just be interrupted. Ah—my brain! Please help. Thank you.