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    Single mum

    May left her previous job as a customer service manager for a few years because she is a single mum and needs to look after her kid. The following is a message for her friend regarding her present situation.
    __________________________________________________ __________

    "As I discussed with my daughter about the advantages and disvantages in going back to work. I can see the total despair in her eyes even she reluntantly agreed with it. I know the longer I leave the customer service field , the more difficult I go back and the less value of my experience.

    The pay in my current job in school is very low. But I can buy time there. Where can I get a job off at 1600 everday, 5-day work per week, medical and dental coverage, all school holidays which just matching my daughter's because our schools are under the same school system. But I feel it seems I am detaching from the society because I don't meet people except children in school. I am thinking by the time my daughter's grown up independently. My career is over in terms of my experience."
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Any comment about the above writing?


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    Re: Single mum

    not a teacher*

    A few sentences are confusing, or fragments. Once you start in past tense (As I discussed (in the past) you should try and stay there.

    As I discussed the advantages and disadvantages OF going back to work with my daughter, I could see the despair in her eyes even AS she reluctantly agreed with me.
    I know that the longer I'm away from the customer service field , the more difficult it will be for me to go back, and the less value my prior experience will have.

    The pay at my current job in school is very low. (But I can buy time there?) Where else could I get a job where I'm off work at 1600 everday, 5 days a week, with medical and dental coverage and all school holidays. which matches my daughter's schedule because our schools are part of the same school system.
    I feel it like I am detached from society, because I don't meet new people except children at school. By the time my daughter is grown up and independent, my career will be over in terms of my experience. (?)

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