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Thread: one too many

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    one too many

    Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
    He had one too many at the bar last night.

    "Have one too many" means "to have too many alcoholic drinks," doesn't it? Do people who has one too many have a hangover?

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    Re: one too many

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    Yes, in this case having "one too many" means that they've had too many alcoholic drinks.

    Since it has 'at the bar' and we usually associate bars with alcoholic beverages, this implies that this person had too many alcoholic drinks and will most likely have a hangover the next morning.

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    Re: one too many

    The hangover isn't implied by the phrase, though it's a likely consequence. You can have one too many and no hangover afterwards.

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    Re: one too many

    Don't take the "one" too literally. It's a figure of speech.


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