Hello. I'm reading a book called "The Windup Girl". It's very good though it's quite difficult and I've encountred a sentece I don't understand. I've tried to translate it using dictionaries and the internet but I still dont get the meaning of it. (The underlined part of the sentence is the one I've got problem with.)

"Food carts smoke and hiss with the scents of frying oil and fermented fish while around the ankles of their customers, the flicker-shimmer shapes of cheshires twine, yowling and hoping for scraps."

(I know the Cheshire cat is the purple cat from the story "Alice in wonderland" but this has nothing to do with that tale. Maybe cheshire also is a name of some sort. But it's not spelled with a capital C...)
It's not like this sentence is essential to the content, but if there is something I don't understand I've got to find out. That's how I am.

Thank you in advance!