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    I am in a sad plight. Once I had raised one question which is,
    I have heard about him.
    I have heard of him. What is the difference of these sentences? I raised this question to the forum and I got the answer and I could understand the difference.
    The thing is here in one private institute, I am teaching Spoken English for the little children. Today I taught my students differences of these sentences. Somehow Management knew this and scolded me left and right. They told me both are same meaning and no difference. I have been asked the explanation for this, otherwise I may lose my job. Sir, kindly give me a prolonged answer for this.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Help2

    Go to "Search This Forum" and type in Talk 'of.' You'll find in that thread two excellent posts (#'s 4 and 5) from freezeframe and luschen.


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