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  1. Anonymous

    the difference between Past & P.P. in the meaning

    Hello everyone ,
    i am new here and i'm really excited to share the forum with you brothers.

    My question is : What is the difference between the Past and the P.P. in the meaning ?
    for instance :
    - The cat had drunk the milk .
    - The cat drank the milk .
    i don't see any difference in the meaning

    ... thanks in advance

  2. gwendolinest
    Yes, there is a difference.

    The simple past tense is used to describe an event that occurred in the past: “Julie got home. Then the cat drank the milk.” Here, the order of events is: (i) Julie got home. (ii) The cat drank the milk.

    On the other hand, the past perfect (or pluperfect) refers to an action that occurred before another action: “Julie got home. The cat had drunk the milk.” This time, the order is: (i) The cat drank the milk. (ii) Julie got home.

    I hope this helps.


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