What do you think about this very humble paragraph?

Revolution is a demand for politic and social basic changes. It may be either positive or negative depending on the backgrounds and the confessions of the rebels who are divided into supporters and opponents. The opponents try to abort a revolution for their own sake whereas supporters do their best for the common good. This humble paragraph intends to shed light on some causes of the Egyptian revolution. To begin with, The Egyptian revolution was based on the Tunisian revolution. It started on January 25th, 2011 and it has several social and political causes. Emergency Law was one remarkable cause. Under this law, anynon-governmental political activities such as manifestations and founding associations without permission are forbidden. Hence, more than 17.000 citizens were retained and the number of political prisoners increased to 30.000. According to the Emergency Law, the government can retain anyone at any time and for any long, besides, the arrested person cannot defend themselves. In addition, the social and the economic conditions were strongly associated to the Egyptian revolution. According to Transparency International, Egypt was one of the most known countries by corruption. In the end of 2010, the ratio of people who live below the level of poverty increased to 40% and the per capita income decreased to 2 dollars a day. To conclude, we notice that some other Arab countries are trying to play the same scenario as Egypt and Tunisia, namely: Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria, but we donít know if these peoples will succeed to overthrow their regimes and realize their demands.