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  1. yea.

    getting out of esl, school doesnt care about you.

    this is rather long, but worthy reading if you are struggling with this usless esl classes just like me..

    ok, im from ny state, i live here (usa) for a 3 years now, and im going to to be a senior when the school starts..
    since i came to the usa (started as a freshman in hs), ive never had any problems with speaking/writing english, even though they put me to esl class.
    year after year..when i was a sophomore, i took the nyseslat, when i got the scores they told me i needed 3 more points to be out.. it wasnt such a big deal for me, beacuse i just didnt really care back then...

    now in my junior year, i started getting crazy about esl, i realized that it was such a waste of time (esl+esl support class in which i never asked any help), i would rather take any other class other than that.. but nobody cared about that, oh well.

    i took english regents in january i think, i passed with an 80, the highest grade in the esl sector, everyone was like 'o my god', and yeah. my teacher told me to that im not going to be esl beacuse i passed the regents. so i was like great, perfect, i will just wait untill next year..

    ok, May started, they told me i needed to take nyseslat exam, not a big deal for me, but, in the middle of taking it (i took listening and speaking part)i moved to another town along with all my grades and stuff..
    and this were the real pain started, since nobody knew my first day of a new school everyone asked why i am in esl, beacuse i speak english perfectly, students in esl were also wondering why i am esl beacuse i passed the english regents... my new esl teacher told me im not going to be esl next year and if i will, then all i need is to bring my parents to school and make them tell them that they dont think i should be in esl and its done..

    ok well, end of the summer, i got my new schedule, im looking for esl, no esl on the schedule? perfect.. ok but when i looked at the final report card, i realized that i didnt receive credits for 2 classes that i previously took: esl III and english 3a... just perfect..
    iv come to school to move my gym class to another period if its possible without switching any classes if its possible beacuse i had so many free periods. after all they couldnt do it, but they printed out another copy of my plan, i didnt even looked at it.. also they told to talk about my credits with my guidance when the school starts..

    the same day, when i got the home, i looked at the schedule copy, totally different schedule! and whats ESL III doing in my schedule? i took this class last year.. considering that my father was in home, we went to the school right a way. guidance told me this is the 'fixed' schedule for me when i showed that to her, so i asked her about credits..
    after a while she told she needs to contact my previous teachers in order to give me my credits.

    ok even so.. my esl teacher is not teaching anymore, and it looks like im going to be esl next year, either III or IV level.. i told her theres no way that im going to be esl and id like to speak to the prinicpal personally.. she gave me a phone to the chairman of the language department, and now i have to call that chairman and make an appointment

    sorry for such a long post, but i juts cant believe this. im totally pissed right now

    ok so now i have couple of questions:
    - why school doesnt care about my opinion? why it doesnt care about other teachers opinions? some of my teachers even recommended me not be esl anymore!
    - whats the deal with not received credits? i thought its guidance job to figure out whats wrong and contact me? im not getting paid for this, she does, and if she cant do her job the what is she doing there?
    - is there any other way to persuade them that im not esl? all my grades are very high (average 88) even though i dont study and do my homework in school beacuse comparing to europe this school is very easy
    - why i have to call the chairman, i think its guidance job to make an appointment for me

    furthemore, shes the guidance whose gonna send applications to the college for me.. i cant believe it.. this i the first time ive been so dissapointed with the school and the fact that they simply 'dont give a damn about students words'

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    Re: getting out of esl, school doesnt care about you.

    First of all I have to say your English is excellent! I got out of ESL long ago when my English wasn't half as good as yours, and I certainly don't believe you should take any more ESL courses.

    As for your question, well.. I'm going to offend a lot of people by saying this but that is North America. It just seems that large organizations of any sort in North America don't know how to communicate between different departments, and the frightening fact is that school is one of the better ones. As for private companies, they toss you around between departments and once you're tossed back they don't know who you are and you need to explain the same stuff all over again. At least with school you know you'll be talking to the same people, no matter how... silly (notice I toned it down quite a bit?) they may be.

    Not all schools are like yours though, even between public schools some are better than others. I personally had no problem with the guidance staff members in my school. They were actually quite helpful.

    On a positive note, life is more interesting with problems even now and then.

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    Re: getting out of esl, school doesnt care about you.

    Well one day I was going to gym class, when suddenly after a while an Esl teacher came in and pulled me out of gym. I had to do a stupid worksheet that was really easy. When I came back I was embarrassed and mad everybody kept on staring at me and a couple of kids laughed to. All I can say is whatís the point of esl I mean we donít even need it. It's a waste of time. My English is perfect; I have troubles speaking my parents foreign language. So I'm asking my parents to remove me from the class but the teachers are saying I have to stay and that I need it I'm really pissed.

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    Re: getting out of esl, school doesnt care about you.

    In both cases, your best course of action is to see the school principal with your parents, and to put your case that you are not in need of ESL.

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    Re: getting out of esl, school doesnt care about you.

    It's not unknown for learners to be encouraged to take unnecessary courses as a way of drawing down more funding for the institute or of charging more fees.

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    Re: getting out of esl, school doesnt care about you.

    I'm going to be the voice of dissent here; perhaps your spoken English is very good, but your written English....not so much. Maybe it's simply because you're in high school and have fallen into the typical US teen lazy speech patterns and texting shorthand phrases, etc. But it seems only logical that if you are sincere in pleading your case on a board filled with English teachers, you'd put your best grammatical/punctuation foot forward in your post in order to demonstrate your fluency. However, your caps key seems to be broken, and you don't bother to take the time to include such basics as apostrophes in your text. Perhaps I'm being nit-picky, but attitude is an important factor in any sort of meeting/conference/confrontation situation, and the attitude that radiates from your post is "I'm too lazy to bother to capitalize or use proper punctuation, but I speak English real good, dude, and I don't need your stinkin' ESL classes. This is so lame, give me my damned credits, man, and leave me alone. American schools are so bogus compared to the one I went to in Europe."

    One example (of many I could've chosen):
    furthemore, shes the guidance whose gonna send applications to the college for me

    should read:
    Furthermore, she's the guidance counselor who is (or "who's") going to send applications to colleges for me.

    Anyway, apart from needing work on your written English, your other problem is getting your voice heard by the Powers That Be at your school. If your guidance counselor isn't helping you, I would definitely appeal directly to the principal. Explain your problem in a carefully worded letter addressed to his/her personal attention. Explain politely that you don't think your counselor understands your particular situation, and that despite many attempts, you haven't been able to make any progress with him/her. The principal will certainly then contact the chairman of your department, and hopefully that will get the ball rolling in straightening out your situation.

    I wish you the best of luck!
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