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    Holle. I 'd like to say that how to improve my spealings?

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    Re: HowTO

    Welcome, Maham.

    The best way to improve your spelling is to read, read, and read some more. One of the problems with learning to spell, especially English, is that you kind of have to know how to spell the word before you can look it up in the dictionary to see how it's spelled, right? So, what I suggest is that you read as much as possible, and use the dictionary to look up the meaning of the printed words you don't know. Also, ask people around you how to spell a word or words you're having difficulty with - I do that, and I'm a native speaker. Finally, at the beginning of every (good) dictionary there should be a couple of pages dedicated to spelling rules. Check it out.

    Correction: Hello, spellings

    All the best,

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