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    Exclamation meaning of some sentences

    Hello my dear teachers,
    Would you please tell me the meaning of these terms?And if they are common or not?

    1)She's a chow chow.
    2)He has got a lot of growing up to do.
    3)A phoney phone number.
    4)Just go with the flow.
    5)To be one round of something.
    6)You'll get the thumbs up for sure.
    7)Blue-eyed boy.
    8)Out of the blue.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: meaning of some sentences

    Hello, back-atcha. (back at you => back-atcha)

    1) She's a chow chow.
    Sorry. I don't know. Is chow chow a breed of dog? If so, it either means, She's cute or She's not cute.

    2) He has got a lot of growing up to do.
    He is immature.

    3) A phoney phone number.
    The wrong phone number. It's not the person's real phone number. For example, Sam gave me his phone number, so I called it and a Mrs Quinn answered. She said no one named Sam lived there. I guess Sam doesn't want me to call him, because he gave me a phoney phone number.

    4) Just go with the flow.
    Don't try to control the situation; i.e. don't steer the boat, let the boat go with the flow of the river.

    5) To be one round of something.
    Sorry. I don't know.

    6)You'll get the thumbs up for sure.
    The OK to go ahead.

    7) Blue-eyed boy.
    Sorry. I don't know.

    8) Out of the blue.

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