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    Jackfruit- an icon of independence

    Have you ever heard of this?

    In early days, caste system was one of the most miserable conditions of Indian society. Best part of money flowed only to the upper class. A majority was struggling to satisfy their hunger. Grains and vegetables were directly moved from the fields to large granaries and storehouses. Milk, milk products, and most of the fruits were sealed as sacred things which had no roles in common life.

    Jackfruit is said to be 'fruit of the poor', because of many reasons. This fruit is large in size, all parts of it are edible and can be cooked in different recipes. But most importantly, it was more common and economical at that time. This fruit was inevitable from poor's 'daily bread'. Many poets and authors of that age portrayed jackfruit as a sign of self-reliance and an icon against poverty and feudal economic system.

    "When i was walking through the street, I saw a big jackfruit laying on the ground. For a moment, I wondered why no one was taking a look at it!, and I recalled the early days of my life, struggles for a
    handful of rice and independence ...

    The next moment, just like others, slowly I walked off... Now, i could feel the freedom, still my stomach was rumbling..!! "

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    Re: Jackfruit- an icon of independence

    I can just imagine the wonderful ways in which you use the jackfruit in your local Kerala cooking!

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