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    Post Sentence Patterns

    What are the basic sentence pattern in English? And please give their meaning with sentences. Please put where the subject and the like on top of words.

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    Re: Sentence Patterns

    1. subject + intransitive verb:
    They swim.

    2. subject + transitive verb + direct object:
    They eat cake.

    3a. subject + di-transitive verb + direct object + indirect object
    They gave money to the charity.
    3b. subject + di-transitive verb + indirect object + direct object
    They gave the charity money.

    4. subject + verb + direct object + object complement
    They call him Mr Smith.

    5. subject + linking verb + subject complement
    They are teachers. ('teachers' is a noun, so it's called a predicate nominal)
    They seem happy. ('happy' is an adjective, so it's called a predicate adjective)
    They were upstairs. ('upstairs' is an adverb; it tells us "where")

    6. Existential there + verb + subject + preposition of location
    There is a cat on the table.

    I believe those are all the basic patterns.

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    Re: Sentence Patterns

    Thanks so much Casiopea for your help with Sentence patterns, it did help me a lot!
    Bye, darius

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