I am applying for a master's program--National and Transnational Studies: Literature, Culture, Language, this is my letter of intent. I really need some constructive and professional advice. THANKS FOR YOU HELP!!!

The college life provides me a pure environment and advantageous opportunity to fulfil my potential to study English. I never thought I could make so much progress as well as correct so many mistakes during my professional training. My favourite subjects in the first semester were English Phonetics and English Conversation. Since I have always been particular about pronunciation, via Phonetics class I could learn numerous knowledge and theories of how to speak and pronounce naturally, correctly and perfectly. In conversation class, our foreign English teacher would invite each of us to join in an English discussion or debate and assign us to carry out an English conversational performance within group. By taking this class, I not only let go of my fear of making oral mistakes but also applied the phonetic theories into practice.
After two years' systematically study of English, I have laid a solid foundation of English rules and skills. My integrated language ability was developed step by step with the help of the courses of Intensive Reading, English Listening and Speaking, and English writing and so forth. I appreciatedour school's opening of Bible Stories very much. There is no doubt to believe that if one has never read The Bible, he or she will never understand the western culture and western world. Although I am not a believer of religion, I totally get the message of the Bible and Jesus' loving stories and righteous acts of helping and enlightening people sharesome similarity with Chinese Confucius' philosophic ideology.They both hold the same intention and mission to save the needy and guide the lost so as to make the environment better and peaceful.
Additionally, I benefit a lot from the courses such as British and American Literary History, History and Culture of the English-spoken Countries, through which I developed a deep-going comprehension toward the general English culture and values. I gradually understand that the cultural disagreement between the U.K. and French may be a result of Hundred Years War happened in the ancient time. So if my dear French friend jokes on the British people's obsession with their extravagant garden now, I will never ask him why because I know this habitual act of harmless teasing contains some historical factor. Also, I finally got to know the real cause of the forming of American melting pot culture. I felt sorry for those who have been prosecuted for political and religious reasons, who have suffered from big famine, and who particularly desired for freedom shipping to the new continent--America. They consisted of political reformers, piousmissionaries and religious believers and desperate farmers from Europe and fled to America with their ideal, faith and dream to create their own land.Those courageous, diligent and smart people from different places around Europe later became the main force of dedicating and contributing to this wonderland.
Since the junior year, mystudy of English has concentrated on British and American Literature.Therefore plenty of accesses to the western literary worldappear before me and I indulged myself into the heaven of English poetry and history. I developed a keen-ship on the work of John Keats, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. In his Ode on a Grecian Urn, Keats exclaims "Beauty is truth, truth beauty." This simple, refined, and philosophic sentence reflects his poetic pursue for breathing life passion. Robert Frost is famous for the mysterious element in his poems. Superficially, his poems are pure depiction of countryside sceneries. However, if reading deeper and thinking harder, one will notice the tragic and dark emotion he has indicated. Emily Dickinson is definitely my favourite female poet and I regard her as the most innovative and stylistic female poet ever. Her sensitive observation and interpretation of this world is so different and maybe a little bit cynical, but the message she delivers is always most convincing and penetrating.Through reading English poems, I discovered the deep-rooted difference between English poetry and Chinese poetry. The former emphasizesthe message and expression of emotions while the latter stresses on the images and polish of words. Thereby western poetry seems to be more personal and bold than Chinese poetry, which tends to be more formal and implicit.

Apart from what I have learned in class, in my spare time I also took part in social practice. In my sophomore's summer vacation, I assigned for a travel agency working as a tour guide and a receptionist for foreign travellers. Before I got my first foreign client, I would be waiting around the desk for the telephone call.Whenever I got the call, I would be very friendly and patiently introducing and explaining the tourism program we have offered to the foreigner. Sometimes it took longer to successfully get the order because the person I'm dealing with may speak English withanobvious accent, like Italian English, Indian English, Finland English etc. therefore I have to listen very carefully and respond quickly to ensure the quality and efficiency of the communication.When the orders accumulated to 3 to 5, the company would assign me with the task of accompanying and taking care of the mini group to the attraction spots. During the travel, I was responsible for arrangement of transporting, accommodation and sight-explanation for my lovely foreign friends.They showed so much interest in Guizhou's ancient, primitive and mysterious Minority cultures. As I am a Miao Minority member, they always kept asking me questions about Miao culture and I was very pleased to share with them the stories I've known about it. Two months' tour guide experience not only enabled me to get accustomed to getting along with people from different countries better, but also offered me the opportunity to observe the cultural diversity and differences among the people from other regions of the world.