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Thread: The difference

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    The difference

    Hello there
    Would you please help me with the difference between " the next day" and " tomorrow"? Besides, please tell me whether the word "any" can be followed by a singular countable noun in negative sentences or questions. Thank you.
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    Re: The difference

    Hi Lisa ,
    Please post unrelated questions in separate threads.

    Tomorrow refers to the next day but can only be used today. "The next day" is used when referring to a day in the past or the future. On the 23rd we will fly to London and the next day (i.e., the 24th) we will meet with our client.

    Once it is the 23rd, you can say "What time do we meet with the client tomorrow?"

    The same applies to a day in the past. We arrived on the 1st and by the next day we wished we could stay forever.
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