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    Message to Mr Richard Flynn

    Hello Mr Flynn

    I'm studing English, I'm not Teacher, I'm from Mexico.
    In Quiz:Relative Pronouns 2 - Answers, I know this one of the most infamous grammar rules(see Maxwell and Clandfield from

    When I made the quiz, I choose several times pronoun THAT. It seems it's easy and we can use "what ever we want" the pronoun THAT.

    I found in others web pages , explanations about uses of pronouns, please
    check them
    Rerefence 1 :

    Reference 2: david/EnglishOnLine/GrammarAndHelp/RelativePronoun/RelPronDoc.htm

    At last, I understood, there are defining relative clauses and no-defining realtive clauses; Furthermore , there are sentences where the pronouns acts as a subject (TYPE A) and acts as an object (type B).

    When we have a sentence type A, we use: WHO or THAT or ,WHO and ,Which (with commas to indicate non-defining realtive clauses).

    When we have a sentence type B, we use 0 (that) or 0 (that) or , WHOM
    and , WHICH (with commas to indicate non-defining relative clauses)

    According with sumary in Reference 2, then in exercises Q2,Q3.Q5,Q11,Q15 and Q23 , it would be better use WHO, because we are talking about persons, of course we can use THAT. but it is not usual . Isn't it?.

    In exercises Q4,Q5,Q9,Q28 and Q33, We might no writting pronoun THAT, because the sentence has subject and verb, we use relative pronoun as "object" (see reference 1 and 2)

    Mr Flynn, Could you help me If I were wrong in these topics?


    Miguel Ayora
    From México City

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    Re: Message to Mr Richard Flynn

    I am sorry for not rep;lying earlier, but I am travelling and using different computers and somehow I missed this. You are quite right- 'that' can be left out in those questions.

    All the best,

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