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    job offer letter negitiation

    hi i m shebik

    now I am working in a private firm in qatar,
    i started my career here about 4months.
    first 3 months were probation period.
    I received my salary on a probationary basis for the last 3months. and my employer offered me on the offer letter that they will sit with me at the end of the probation period and discuss about the complete salary package.
    then 4th month also over. I received the same salary.
    yet they didn't arrange a meeting to discus and declare my full salary package and other benefits .

    Now i need to remind them about this matter.
    so can you help me to send a remind letter to my GM to arrange a meeting .?

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    Re: job offer letter negitiation

    I think it would be a better idea if you drafted a letter yourself and posted it. Perhaps someone would then be kind enough to review it for you.

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