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    Exclamation Help! I know I got a bad grammar

    Just need help revising this one paper for better grammar... No more info needed just really bad at grammar.

    Getting Out
    “The beauty, the poetry of the fear in their eyes. I did not mind going to jail for, what, five, six hours. It was absolutely worth it.” (Johnny Depp, Arrested at London for allegedly threatening paparazzi). In our current society, you can be arrested for pretty much anything you do to someone and his or her property. It’s so easy to get in jail, but how do you get out? Being sentence time in jail, prison or rehab seems to be the common punishment for criminals these days. In some cases, criminals are allowed to be release early from their sentence. Getting out early could be good or bad base on how and why the convict was released. How does it affect the view of society towards our justice system? Should it be tolerated or should criminals be forced to serve their whole sentence with no chance of getting out early.
    So how can you lower your sentence? In some cases, a bond is offer to even be able to get out of jail time completely. A bond of ten percent from the accused’s fine. This is because either the crime is not that bad where you could be put in jail for a long time or you already have an existing trials and a probation officer. Some can be released early if they are wealthy enough to pay their way out. At times it is the matter of being wealthy and powerful or poor and powerless. In our society, we now also have what we call White Collar crime. “A crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” (Edwin Hardin Sutherland, 1949), As bad as it looks, you could now say that the more popular, rich and famous you are, the less time you will have to spent in jail for your crimes. Besides all these money required way out. There’s also the harder way to lower your sentence. In some cases, good conduct and/or community service are also offered to those who are liable for it. Base on your crime, you could also be sentence with community service to help keep you off being inside serving time.
    To admit is the first sign of strength. Getting out early could be a good thing. Being isolated from society has been proven by many sociologists to be bad for the well-being. It causes a person to not be accepted easily by new norms that came about during his or her isolation. So getting out early could lead them to be able to keep their family and even in some cases their job. Early release could also mean that the convict have made his or her way out by doing community service, having good conduct or learning their mistakes and have repented into doing the crime. It also gives them more time opportunity to pay for their fines and debt. More time outside to make a difference on how they are viewed by the rest of the society.
    Of course, there’s always a bad effect on getting out early from serving time. Base on the crime and how did a person even be allowed to get out early. For example, a drug dealer locked up for five to ten years could get out easily with a proper bail by his or her supplier and only serve a year inside. He or she was not isolated from the group long enough to be forgotten. Long enough not to remember how to just start off all over again. This person could just be back doing the same crime all over again and get arrested and bailed out multiple times with no good repentance. To serial killers a like, it could just be another massacre on the rise.
    To some it up, early release from a sentence could be good or bad base on why were they locked up and how did they got out. A severe crime with early release could caused a repeat of the crime because it was still in the convict’s nature to just re-do their crime. But who’s to say whether the original time was long enough? “It sounds kind of strange, but jail time was almost a good experience for me”. (Tommy Lee). And to some it is a good experience. Other ex-convicts will even tell you that once they got out, that they prefer being inside with three meals a day, nothing to worry about but keeping yourself clean and healthy, you got housekeeping to make you bed and so much more.
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