Hi all,

I am writing my birthing story. Here is part 1. Its bit long so I am sending it in parts


I also won the Olympics
I was watching Olympics before my 2nd child birth in 2008 September. When I see such games I always feel I wish I could also have done such rewarding things. I was in my third trimester and these Olympics were filling me with an enthusiasm to take care of myself at least for my baby if not for the nation. I was all healthy since my childhood and my first pregnancy also went well. There were very small complications like mild nausea and leg cramps throughout the nine month night. I wish I could have handed these small things also during my first pregnancy. Apart from this I wasnít much knowledgably about handling the labor phases specially the pushing part of the pregnancy. I assumed itís a part of Doctorís responsibility so ended up forceps delivery inspite of a small baby (7 pounds). For the second pregnancy I was all determined to enjoy my every single day. I had the nausea even in 2nd pregnancy but I work on it and always diverted myself while eating. I used to grab a book or watching TV or talking over the phone to my friends before I start eating and it worked amazingly. The best part my second pregnancy was my four year old son who kept me moving. And also prenatal Yoga is what that helped me a lot to balance my emotional ups and downs which I wasnít able to manage in my first pregnancy.


Thanks in Advance