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  1. marycheninqueens

    Any "COOL" ESL books for adults?

    I came to the US from China several years ago and now help to tutor immigrants on the weekends.

    Most ESL books are really terrible. They insult the intelligence of adults.

    Is there anything good out there?


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    Re: Any "COOL" ESL books for adults?

    Here are 2 new coursebook series targeted at adults:

    English Unlimited

    I've really only had the briefest of looks at a publisher's day so I haven't been able to use them in class or really evaluate them but maybe you can find one at a bookshop near you and check it out.

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    Re: Any "COOL" ESL books for adults?

    What sort of thing are you looking for? The publishing industry operates with so many restrictions for an international market that they become bland by nature- they can't have religion, politics, gender, etc. However depending on the level, there's stuff out there, though often for higher levels.

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