Please, would someone correct the mistakes in my poem Footprints.


Walking on the jetty one winter morning,
I noticed fresh footprints in the snow ending on its edge.
Someone has taken oneís own life, I thought.
It could have been a young woman rejected in love,
a chronically ill man tired of his struggle or a business person
on the brink of bankruptcy.

These footprints reminded me of my own plight.
I was withering away in this cold country without true love.
My all dreams had been crushed,
I lost interest in life.
I should follow the example of this person,
make my last imprints and find refuge in the freezing water.

I stood there like a philosopher weighing the pros and cons,
goading myself and asking God to forgive me,
when I saw a red dot appearing in the distance .

It was piercing the layers of mist like a needle,
and soon I saw the canoeist and his mighty arms
conquering the river.
He paddled by and gave me a bright smile
and I waived to him.
Thatís the way, I thought,
Fight on even when you are losing.