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    Cool Does it ring any bells?

    Hello !
    Do we say:

    -Does it ring any bells?

    -Does it ring a bell?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Does it ring any bells?

    They are both fine. If you want to compare their frequencies, BYU corpora should be of help.

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    Re: Does it ring any bells?

    Actually, either phrase is correct. Sometimes (but not always) if we're trying to point out something very obvious we might say "does that ring any bells?" because it's more pointed than "does that ring a bell?"

    For example, Julia has a job interview with a man named Fred Garvin. She is fully qualified for the position, but she senses during their appointment that he dislikes her. When she relates her experience later to her friend Mary, Mary thinks for a moment and then says "Did you say Fred Garvin? Was he a tall guy with very dark hair and a mustache?" "Yes, do you know him?" Julia asked, surprised. "Oh no, don't you remember? Last month at that club? That guy came to our table and wanted to join us? He said his name was Fred Garvin and you told him 'Oh, there is no need to introduce yourself, Fred, I know who you are. You're the man who always bothers women when they want to be alone.' You then suggested that he should look into buying a better toupee and maybe some stronger mouthwash....does this ring any bells??"

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