Dear all,
I've written a Motivation letter and now I'm asking you to check it.
How can I improve it?
Tnx for ur help!

University of Toronto

May 20, 2011

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apply to your Ph.D. program of the Department of Linguistics in support of my ultimate objective of becoming an expert in Research Linguistic issues.

In High School I was particularly strong in languages, participating in different competitions, aimed at checking English-language knowledge. At such contests, I was one of the top three students in my native city – Nikolayev – due to my diligence, attentiveness and creativity (even during grammar check and speaking topics I could employ my poems, which I used to write in different languages).

During my school years I was appointed to be the monitor of the class due to my responsibility, leader qualities, good organizational skills, ability to work in team, and good relations with teachers, classmates. I was typically among the top students in my class, always getting highest grades, and as a result of it – awarded with a golden medal upon finishing school in 2005.

In addition to school activities, I devoted my spare time to music school, English and German tutors, artists' school, singing lessons and English/German/Ukrainian language courses – which all helped to develop excellent time-management, discipline, feeling of appreciation of every minute, developing deep curiosity in everything I did. In my free time I enjoy writing songs, lyrics, poetry and plays in English, Russian and Ukrainian, which helps to develop my creative thinking.

My strong ambition to study languages brought me to Kiev Institute for Interpreters and Translators at the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine. This is one of the best institutes for future interpreters, translators and teachers in higher institutions.

I am very much like an international and cosmopolitan person, as I have never seen any barriers in communication with people from other countries. I am interested in interaction with people from other countries of different cultures and behavioural pattern, so there should be no obstacles between interlocutors speaking different languages.

In 2009, I achieved a Bachelor degree with the highest grades, receiving specialization of Philologist-Translator (English, Russian, Ukrainian languages). I worked on a paper dedicated to translation transformations, their types and subtypes. My practical trainings took place at one of the departments of the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

After five and a half years of my intensive studies, I graduated in January 2011 as a Master of Arts in translation science and linguistics which qualified me to work as a teacher at University. My working languages are English and German and native languages are Russian and Ukrainian. I am proud to have only the best grades and to be one of the best students. I passed my practical training by teaching post-graduate students at my University.

My graduation paper was dedicated to translation techniques, methods employed while translating a text of a belles-lettres style from English into Ukrainian. I have chosen a work of Danielle Steel named "The Wings". In my paper, I referred to more than eighty sources. The professors agreed with me that the most important translation equivalence should be on stylistic level because it is all about the equality between the influence on the reader of the original and the influence on the reader of the translation.

During my Institute years I worked as a free-lance translator for two and a half years developing goal-setting qualities, abilities to follow schedules and meeting deadlines. In addition, I was tutoring students, and invited to interpret at exhibitions dedicated to tourism and hotels. To increase my abilities I worked as a volunteer tourist guide in Kiev, giving me much experience in communicating with many different nationalities. In day to day life when communicating with people from different cultures one can be a little more selective in developing friendships from other countries. This positive experience strengthened my interpersonal skills by working with fellow team members.

Currently I work as a Personal assistant to the Director and as an Office Manager for Eli Lilly Vostok SA, which is a well-known international pharmaceutical company. It has helped me to develop good organizational skills, stress-resistance, ability to perform several tasks simultaneously, mental stability, problem-solving and decision-making, analytical abilities, ability to collaborate with people effectively, because I am responsible for many things there, like logistics matters clients servicing, managers’ assistance. I very much enjoy my current work but my drive and ambition to move in a scientific direction, and continue with post-graduate studies has been the base to my search to improve myself and apply to your University.

I want to study at the University of Toronto because of outstanding educational system, focus on gathering relevant work experience, and excellent facilities. From speaking with students from your University and other Universities, I am confident of my decision and with the help of many distinguished scientists and professors I know that I will be able to achieve expert knowledge and success there.

The principle reasons why I want to study at your University are as follows: the University of Toronto is one of only five universities world-wide ranked in the top 16 for all fields. Your professors lead their fields, collaborating to produce innovative research and sharing their expertise with University of Toronto students. You have one of the strongest research and teaching faculties in North America, presenting top students at all levels with an intellectual environment unmatched in depth and breadth on any other Canadian campus. The University leads innovation across a broad range of disciplines.

Moreover, your country is friendly to Ukrainian people; Toronto is amongst the best of 21 international cities in the world in the areas of intellectual capital, demographic advantages, sustainability, innovation, health, safety and security and lifestyle assets.

I have strong intention to study linguistic, stylistic, phonetics and cultural peculiarities of the English language, nationally-colored words, equivalent-lacking words, slang and other specific categories. I can help foreign students learning Russian or Ukrainian, enrich your knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian cultures, traditions and lifestyles. I am confident to exceed your expectations because of my academic and interpersonal skills.

Apart from all my strong intentions and immense desire to continue my studies, sadly I cannot financially afford to support myself through them. My mother is widowed and although she does her very best to support me, unfortunately as a committed school teacher her income is insufficient to pay for my studies, herself and my grandfather is a pensioner. I also struggle to support myself in Kiev on a secretarial wage. I would be also extremely grateful if you consider providing me with financial support or a scholarship to realize my dreams and ambitions with your University.

Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to your acceptance.

Yours faithfully,

Olena Pavliuchenko