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Thread: were in the air

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    were in the air


    Two ladies met with each other for the 1st time. The first stretched out her hand and said to the other one "Good morning Miss Creek" however Miss Creek didn't like it. And the girl who said "Good morning Miss Creek" knew that she made a gaffe. Next to them was standing a taxi driver. The narrator wrote:
    The taxi-driver, perhaps feeling that introductions were in the air, said:
    ‘I’m Ed Higgins. Now, if you’d just lend me a hand....

    --- Does it mean that he felt that something went wrong (in the air) in these two women's conversation and decided to say something?
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    Re: were in the air

    not a teacher

    Nope, it just means introductions, are pending, or look like they are about to happen.
    It's an odd phrase, not common, but has no negative connotation that I can see.

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