Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Children should choose jobs that familiar to their parentís jobs or not?

Essay: There has appeared endless debate over choosing a career. Many people propose that children should choose jobs related to their parentsí ones. From my perspective, I definitely agree with that proposal.

First and foremost, what I put on my priority is the family heirlooms and experience. It is clearly seen that some knowledge just transfers from the ancestors to their descendants in families. If children donít acquire and spread this knowledge, people will have no chance to preserve one of the most important parts of traditional value. Let take the pottery for example. My grandfather is an adroit potter; he devotes himself to manufacture flower pots and invent new perfect glazes. After he passed away, my father inherited great heritage including both a treasure of heirlooms and invaluable experience as well. However, my father pursued another career, becoming a scientist instead of a potter, so he dropped the priceless skills that my grandfather has accumulated in his entire life. Beyond any doubt, children should consider their jobs to still protect and promote their descendantsí achievements.

In the second place, what deserves my great attention is the approach to professional working environment. It is common knowledge that children have golden chances to visit their parentsí workplace and access to their available facilities. Children also can experience moments of happiness when they discover something interesting in the work by themselves, for instance, the special reaction of chemicals in their parentsí laboratory. Hence, they are likely to seek gradually their love for parentsí jobs by becoming closer and closer to them. More importantly, parents are the primary factors affecting to them. Whenever they need someone to deal with their questions, children have their professors in home who are willing to share any knowledge anytime. By means of it, children build their solid foundation for their parentsí jobs; therefore, they eventually choose it as not only love but also their knowledgeable background. Indeed, the approach to professional working has remarkable influence on children in choosing career.

Last but not least, parentsí relationships in their work are noteworthy. It is often seen that many graduate students cannot take any jobs after leaving their universities. To ensure this isnít going to happen, parents direct their children toward their jobs, which they have a lot of relationships and influences. For example, my uncle, a teacher, has a daughter who pursues the same career as him. After she receives her diploma from university, my uncle introduces her to the principal at his school. Because of many years he devotes for school, in addition to my cousinís resume, the principal agrees to her work. So, even though that her CV is not really excellent, my cousin still gets work through her fatherís influences in his workplace. This is why children should take the parentsí relationships into account when choosing career.

In summary, not only family experience, approach to professional working environment but also parentsí relationships is convincing reasons to prove why children should take their parentsí job into consideration. I strongly recommend that children should think of my analysis to approach the proper career.