Hi guys! I have little bit tricky question I start work out on my portfolio targeting get the job include this work is also cover letter which I would like to sending via email. There I stucked!:(

Just before I ask to grammar form of my letter I have following question:

How should look like this email, no I am kidding, know that but what I do not know much about signature, for example:


Is it good attaching to cover letter signature, just in my case:

My name
My adress
My Logo (jpg image)

But lot of people say that signature include img is not a right think you can do. Because some email client can recognize this message as a SPAM and that should be the problem no. 1 Your cover letter won t successfully deliver.

So my question is:

Is a relevant attaching to cover letter signature with an image, in my case my logo jpeg image?

Thanks for respond.:cool: